A Review of the EvenGlo Post Style Patio Heater

Published: 26th March 2012
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With the advent of post style outdoor heaters, there has been a quest on the part of almost all manufacturers to make the cheapest heaters in order to capture the largest possible share of the patio heating marketplace. In the process, product quality has been compromised in almost every aspect and feature of the heater - including the burner head, post, ignitor and reflector. We’ve found only one patio heater brand that has gone the opposite direction … The EvenGlo by IR Energy.

As a distributor of outdoor heating products, we’ve been particularly annoyed by the inferior construction quality coming from products made in Asia that are shipped to the U.S. market by the container loads and sold dirt cheap to consumers through big box stores and online supply companies.

But many will say “isn’t that just free enterprise at work” and “isn’t this good for consumers?” To the first question – yes – this is free enterprise at work. We want competition. We want affordability. To the second question – no – this is not always good for consumers – unless, of course, price is the only deciding factor in the buying decision.

But price is rarely the only deciding factor when buying anything – especially big ticket items. The fact is, value is what consumers want most. To put it another way … they want the most bang for their buck. They want high quality AND a low price, with all of the accompanying warranties and guarantees to minimize any potential risk associated with buying the product.

So, getting back to patio heaters in particular, we’ve noted how patio heater construction quality has been sacrificed in recent years. Reflectors are smaller, flimsier and less efficient. 3” diameter heavy guage steel posts have been reduced to lighter 2” diameter posts. Ignitors and pilot assemblies are cheaper, less reliable, and break more often.

In our comparison of patio heaters found at big box stores and at trade shows, we’ve come across only one brand that completely sets itself apart from the rest – the EvenGlo.

What makes EvenGlo better and different?

1) The EvenGlo reflector (often called the dispenser) is the largest and most rigid in the industry. Coupled with a double reflector burner head, rather than an inefficient “drum style” head, it reflects virtually 52% more heat to patrons than the next best competitor. That benefit alone should elicit a Wow! from any consumer. It means that more people can be effectively and comfortably warmed with less crowding beneath the heater. And where multiple heaters are need, such as restaurant seating areas, fewer EvenGlo heaters are needed to do the job compared to cheaper, less effective heaters.

2) While most patio heaters weigh about 40 lbs., the EvenGlo has a dry weight of 120 lbs.! This should say something about the materials uses in heater construction.

3) The EvenGlo post is a full 3” in diameter and made of higher guage steel. Cheaper models are usually 2” in diameter and lower guage steel.

4) The EvenGlo comes with a full 5 year warranty, compared to 1 year or less on cheaper brands. That huge difference is an indicator of how confident EvenGlo is in the life-span of their product.

5) The EvenGlo will stand up to wind and weather due to its shear weight and heavy-duty construction. You should not expect that from a lightweight patio heater.

In summary, if you see a patio heater for $300.00 or less, it is likely not constructed with high quality materials and could be less reliable and effective. On the other hand, a patio heater listed for $999.00 or more will be constructed of higher grade materials, will be more reliable and will stand the test of time. We’ve yet to see one that compares to the EvenGlo. If you’re after low price only, this is not for you. If you consider yourself to be a more discriminating buyer, then we suggest taking a closer look at the EvenGlo.

Scott Workman is the owner and president of Infra-Red Products Supply, Inc. Want to learn more about EvenGlo outdoor patio heaters, infrared heaters, propane heaters and more? Visit http://www.heatersunlimited.com and http://www.infraredinfo.com.

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